Saturday 28 april 11.30 pm  Palazzo Re Enzo

Vom Grill/Dennis Tyfus
italian première

Dennis Tyfus, based in Antwerp, is one of the most active players on the European underground scene of the last decade. Tyfus draws, paints, takes photographs, makes films, plays noise music, sings, makes CDs, cassettes or LPs, does parodies, writes and publishes zines and books, hosts a radio show on Radio Centraal in Antwerp, is a performer and manages the cult label Ultra Eczema, which has produced the work of obscure bands, as well as emerging figures and famous visual artists incognito. His trademark crosses, with originality, scant traces of condensed imaginary that ranges from writing to outsider art, to the most vernacular forms of art brut, and to dada and optical art. Fascinated by the possibilities in every form of subversion - that he triggers permanently, as a live performer - Tyfus compulsively collects materials for a body of work that covers visual art, illustration, music publishing, and more generally, graphics. His work can be found online constantly updated on his website, as well as through his highly irreverent but influential international fanzines. For all these reasons, it is impossible to know in advance what Tyfus will perform live.