Saturday 28 april 12 pm  Palazzo Re Enzo

The Claw (Kingdom, Total Freedom, Nguzunguzu) (USA)
live media
european première

How to define the sound of The Claw: it is a post-global beat, somewhere between cumbia, dirty south, hip hop and the typical LA sound, cyborg, yet sensual. The most effective description comes from Fade To Mind: a label that is also a movement, capable of giving rise to temporary nightclubs and collaborative projects consisting of music, art, video and style, creating hidden waves between Los Angeles and London, the city where its sister group, Night Slugs, works.
The Claw is a musical entity from Los Angeles made up of three singular contemporary music producers: Total freedom, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu .Around the founder Kingdom and the Texan Prince William orbit Nguzunguzu, MikeQ, Total Freedom, Gremino, Cedaa, Clicks & Whistles, Rizzla and Fatima Al Qadiri. The sounds and imagery that proceed live are both cerebral and extra-terrestrial, vulgar and eclectic. Their live performances are painstakingly finished, sunk in dark bastard sonorities. It is hard to imagine a more relevant and contemporary form of live electronics. And that of The Claw represents the version most brightly aimed at the future.