Tuesday 24 > sunday 29 april 6 pm  Palazzo Re Enzo
Silvia Costa (I)

Food for me is first and foremost about colour. And with colours I draw.
One draws with the ingredients as one draw lines in pencil on white paper. The organic elements go together like the colours on a canvas. Exploiting the colours and textures of foods, a picture is composed and is offered, not only for viewing, but also for some action by the spectator. From working with her hands, from taking it in her fingers, from choosing according to taste, the picture slowly changes and gradually comes apart beneath her gaze.

Silvia Costa, artist and performer working under the name Plumes dans la tête, works with the musician and composer Lorenzo Tomio. Since 2006 she has acted in productions directed by Romeo Castellucci, and since 2009, she has begun to consider food as a creative material. Plumes dans la tête defined herself as a 'container of ideas ready to make room for things and people'. The ongoing research is to create images that touch the senses, the eyes and brain of the spectator whether that be made ​​of bodies, spaces, materials, structures or sounds. These elements combine each time in a different way, without hierarchy, if not those dictated by the idea." In addition to projects related to the theatre, Plumes dans la tête creates sound, chromatic and edible installations.