Tuesday 24 > sunday 29 april 6 pm> 12 pm Palazzo  Re Enzo

Palazzo Re Enzo
Canedicoda/Mirko Rizzi (I) 
Sala dello spazio tra i denti
Ottaven (I)
Music for a day recorded in a month
Silvia Costa (I)

Canedicoda and Mirko Rizzi (Gabbianacci) have redesigned for Gianni Peng one of the rooms of Palazzo Re Enzo, dubbed Sala dello spazio tra i denti (Hall of the space between your teeth). A gap space between the six festival sites scattered throughout the historical town centre, and base camp for artists and audiences, it is a friendly space, an info-point and a geographical and participatory hub for the week. Among the flags of impossible nations, the dangling cloths, the precarious carpentry, the audience will find, among other things, the edible inventions of Silvia Costa, live daily broadcasts on channel Peng 2 and sound performances by Ottaven and daily guests: Dome (Al Doum and the Faryds), ​​Gianni Giublena Rosacroce, Sissy Biasin & Luxa, Second Sleep, Pan-Act, Senufo Editions (Giuseppe Ielasi/Jenni), and Omega G8.
Canedicoda is a venetian artist based in Milan, whose research extends from graphic design, to music and fashion. Canedicoda has based his work on the idea of ​​manual research, investigating primarily a personal imagery of graphics and then creating objects to use or wear, in limited editions or as unique pieces. He has created environments and real situations for music, as well as collaborated with 8mm records, Von Archives, Dumb Skateboards, Bastard, and Marsèll, creating graphics. He has developed his own rich universe, changing but always instantly recognizable, recently arriving at Gabbianacci's new project.

Mirko Rizzi is the creative director of the brand Marsèll, and manages the Marsèlleria, a nonprofit space for art in Milan. He has a background in installations linked to the world of fashion. Together with Canedicoda in Milan he opened a sort of shop/showroom/meeting point called Gabbianacci.