Wednesday 25 april 7 pm  Palazzo Carbonesi

Cristina Rizzo/Lucia Amara (I)
special guest Robert Steijn (NL/A)
Loveeee - Primo discorso con esercizi di grazia

Robert Steijn enters the space of Loveeee because he knows how to dance the deer dance, and to talk with the dead. He is asked to investigate elegance, to experiment with the simple fact of being present in body and mind, with the purity which can be shown in a public space. 

Robert Steijn
, based between Amsterdam and Vienna, is active in the theatre as a performer, author, choreographer and healer. His assistant is an imaginary deer and, in his imagination, he dances with the dead. He investigates the artificial reality of the performing arts seen from the realm of Shamanism. With Frans Poelstra he founded the united sorry company in Vienna. In 2012 they organized a series of events on ecological thinking in the urban landscape, in the context of Green Conversations. Steijn has collaborated with choreographers such as Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker, Latifa Laabissi and Maria Hassabi. He teaches at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. His latest creations are Robert and Maria and Deer Dance. Steijn is strongly influenced by the artist-performer Jack Smith, by the poets Walt Whitman and Alan Ginsberg, by the conceptual artists Dan Graham and Matt Mullican, by the Korean shaman/performer Hi-Ah Park, by Ayahuasca rituals, by long walks and by very significant dreams on how to get ahead in life.