Tuesday 24 > sunday 29 april 6 pm> 10 pm  Palazzo Re Enzo

Ottaven (I) 
Musica per un giorno registrata in un mese

Ottaven presents the Sala dello spazio tra i denti (Hall of the space between your teeth), the first 'run' of Musica per un giorno registrata in un mese (Music for a day recorded in a month), acoustic diffusion and streamed. This composition of 24 hours recorded in one month, is a reflection on time, in a listening experience that develops over 4 hours each day for the duration of the festival (repetitions of things that are repeated). A project designed initially for the digital format, it also takes the shape of an object in a box of 24 cassettes of 60 minutes each, produced by the Second Sleep noise label and previewed in Live Arts Week. Ambient sounds, carpets of keyboard, moments of life gathered and where necessary assembled. All closely and soundly tied to what took place between January 4, 2012 and February 4, 2012. Sound reflections 'interrupted' by real necessity, by the train arriving, the phone ringing, by work commitments.
Ottaven has been working as a musician since 2003. This is the music alias of Canedicoda who, in turn, comes from a long experience under a cloud of parallel identities and collaborations with other bands like With Love, WW, Lago Morto, Nastro Mortal, Magic Towers, Utat, and Forum I. Ottaven, a solo project, has produced several audio cassettes, cd-rs and has played throughout Europe.