Saturday 28 april 11 pm  Palazzo Re Enzo

Orphan Fairytale (B)
live media
italian première

C.G. Jung taught us to create a game for children to get in touch with our myth, our past and learn to understand each other: Orphan Fairytale is the musical translation of this technique. And that treasure is covered by the blanket of naivety. Eva Van Deuren plays with a rare level of ironic awareness and has built the perfect playground for the lost and found, including nursery rhymes, re-workings and energetic techno struggles. In her live performance for Bologna she plays over a collage of re-manipulated Disneyesque videos, documentaries of animals and fairy tales.

Orphan Fairytale, defined on the Antwerp music scene as 'Belgium's mistress of the Casio', has also brought her melanchotronic folk to the female band Makesmachine. She has published in Imvated, Puik, Beniffer, Blackest Rainbow, Ultra Eczema, etc and has worked for Dreamtime Taped Sounds, as well as currently working on productions for labels such as Notnotfun, Ecstatic Peace and Nofun.