Friday 27 april 7 pm Palazzo Carbonesi

Cristina Rizzo/Lucia Amara (I)
special guest Mattin (Basque Country)
Loveeee - Terzo discorso con esercizi di grazia

Mattin, devoted to betraying every expectation and to redefining the social architecture of space, in Loveeee is invited to challenge the stereotyped relationship between ‘active’ performers and ‘passive’ audiences, introducing the energy of a live performance which implies no limits.

Mattin is a Basque artist who works with improvisation and noise. Through a conceptual approach, he aims to challenge the nature and the parameters of improvisation and, in particular, the relationship between the idea of ‘freedom’ and the constant innovation that it implies. In his work, Mattin tries to make explicit the relationship between performer and spectator, producing a sense of extraneousness and of alienation which create disturbance. He is the author of the recently published books Noise & Capitalism and Unconstitued Praxis, and has collaborated with the leading musicians in the field of improvisation.