Tuesday 24 aprile > saturday 5 may 11am >22.00  Nowhere
Marino Formenti (I/A)
piano-performance, italian première
music by John Cage, Louis Couperin, Morton Feldman, Erik Satie, Brian Eno

Nowhere is a non-place in the city center. For twelve days the pianist Marino Formenti sits at the piano, plays, lives, breathes, eats, sleeps in the same space, contemporaneously and mercilessly public and private. The divisions between stage and life are blurred, between day and night, and they cancel out the conventions of time, programme and place. Formenti experiments with his own limits and horizons. The days themselves become music. People are invited to stop, to come and go, to go back and listen again to experience the music in a different dimension. Nowhere provides listening modes to enable extremely comfortable extended listening: stretched out is the best way. Unlike the usual 'abnormal' way of listening to live music, here it is not a case of watching the performer - who aspires to disappear along with the audience -.(Morton Feldman: "my ideal audience is the dead one"). Nowhere is a space that can only accommodate music dedicated to disappearance, to nothingness. For Bologna, Formenti thought of a chapter of Nowhere dedicated to John Cage, and entitled In the cage. The programme includes as a central masterpiece ASLSP (As Slow As Possible), the extended piece of his recent 'mature' work and other proliferations.
The event, which will take off with the opening of Live Arts Week on Tuesday April 24, will run for twelve intense days, 24 hours around the clock, to the first weekend of the Angelica festival, saturday, May 5.
The project is covered non-stop in live-streaming by channel Peng1.

special event, coproduction Xing/Live Arts Week, AngelicA Festival Internazionale di Musica, Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna
in the frame of centocage - Bologna rende omaggio a John Cage
in cooperation with Lepida spa, Steinway & Sons/All for Music Bologna
Marino Formenti, pianist and conductor indicated by the Los Angeles Times as the "Glenn Gould of the twenty-first century", has captured the attention of fans and critics as one of the most interesting interpreters of his generation, for the "extraordinary combination of intellect and emotion", thanks to vivid, intense performances of contemporary music, and revolutionary reinterpretations of the classical repertoire. In search of new horizons, he has designed projects that break the boundaries of the traditional concert, as in the case of Nowhere, or The Party: "A further attempt to free the music from the vice that squeezes, between the office and the last subway train". In Kurtag's Ghosts and the recent Liszt Inspections, dozens of classic and contemporary compositions are fused into a single stream of sound. In the film Schubert Und Ich, which he is creating with Bruno Moll, ordinary people and not professionals, chosen from among the Viennese of today - Turkish taxi drivers and lawyers in Austria - study with him and interpret the Lieder of Franz Schubert. In The Song Project, Formenti establishes a dialogue between what he calls 'illegitimate relatives': the 'sophisticated' music by Berio, Cage and Adams and songs by Nirvana, Brian Eno, and Coldplay. He recently collaborated on the show Golgota Picnic by director Rodrigo Garcia with a piano performance that reaches the limits. Along with these adventures, Formenti performs with the same enthusiasm in more traditional contexts: he has appeared at the international festivals of Salzburg, Luzern, Edinburgh, Bregenz, Schleswig-Holstein, Berliner Festwoche, as well as great concert halls of Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, Moscow, Rome, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo and New York. Formenti has worked with some of the world’s greatest living composers, among them Helmut Lachenmann, György Kurtág, and Salvatore Sciarrino. Formenti began his conducting career besides Gidon Kremer, and has since led performances at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, at Wien Modern Festival and Ravenna Festival. At Maurizio Pollini’s express invitation, Formenti led concerts with Pollini at Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. He conducted the Austrian premiere of Kurt Weill’s opera Der Protagonist and in 2010 led the chamber version of Prokofiev’s The Fiery Angel.