Tuesday 24 > sunday 29 april 6 pm>11 pm  Palazzo Re Enzo

Luca Trevisani (I)

Flogisto is an environment, made up of images in movement and sounds, an electric moment.
The world is a garden, a space to be cultivated, in a game of constant metamorphosis, a chemical reaction to be sparked. There is no systematic thinking, but attempts, investigations, compositions.
Vitality is, by definition, reluctant to form, it is as slippery as a banana peel.
If there is a style, it is the nervous system that structures our actions.
If there is a classicism, it is cellular.

Flogisto, an ambitious work by Luca Trevisani commissioned by Live Arts Week, is an environment of sound and images: a locus solus rebuilt on the planar space of a scanner which expands into space. Flogisto is a mysterious machine for capturing the three dimensions. It is a path of invention which, while seeming to belong to the tradition of structural film, is, instead, based on ‘constructionist’ concepts, implying the reassembly of elements belonging to different technologies into something new: an ulterior media. In fact, all inventions are created from this kind of forcing. One creates a mysterious nesting of time-images by the way in which the layers of time are encoded with different digital techniques, to be returned, recombined, between physical projection and support. Also appearing as visual content is Trevisani’s singular taste for a plant/mineral world, where the organic and the inorganic kingdoms mate, indifferent to the laws of nature. 

5-channels video environment, stereo sound
dimensions determined by the environment
production Xing/Live Arts Week

Luca Trevisani is one of those young Italian artists who have achieved most international notice. In addition to awards and exhibitions in important centres for art and museums, he has published the books The effort took ist tools (Argobooks 2008) and Luca Trevisani (Silvana Editoriale 2009). His research ranges from sculpture to video, and crosses border disciplines such as the performing arts, graphics, design, experimental cinema or architecture. In his installations the historical characteristics of sculpture are questioned, if not actually overturned. A characteristic of his works is instability, a magnetic and changing evolutionary condition which, without a pause, expands and contracts the borders between each single element of a work and the environment, which at times becomes irradiated and, at times, the undisputed protagonist. Since 2010, he has managed the editorial platform latecomerforerunner.blogspot.com.