Friday 27 april 12 pm   Palazzo Re Enzo

Hieroglyphic Being
italian première

A veteran of Chicago house and techno music, as well as a producer and DJ, Hieroglyphic Being has an unusual approach to dance and electronic sound. For this world of sound he imagines a body of knowledge centered on concepts of quantity, music, structure, space and change. Mathematics is the source and the matrix of primary studies for classic house, rhythmic noise, industrial jazz, acid house, ragtime electronics, and ambient sound. A system of eclectic and asymmetric sounds.

Hieroglyphic Being, aka Jamal R. Moss, sound-artist and experimental composer, a great connoisseur of analog equipment, has been involved since the late 1980's with Ron Hardy (Music Box), Power Plant in Chicago, Steve Poindexter, a legend of house music like Adonis and labels like 6277, Spectral Sound, Creme Organization and Klang Elektronik. In 1996 he founded Mathematic Recordings, now a cult label, that began under esoteric literary evocations and science fiction influences. His work, almost unclassifiable, highly cultured, deviant and avant-garde, is the result of influences like Sun Ra, John Cage, free jazz and the most visionary noise experimentation of the past.