Wednesaday 25 april 10.30 pm   Palazzo Re Enzo

Floris Vanhoof (B)
live media, italian ptemière

The multifaceted live shows of the young Belgian artist Floris Vanhoof manage to put together some authentic visual inventions using film, slide projections and dimmable lights, with an extremely accurate sound performance which uses home-made synthesizers or other old gadgets bought on eBay. In this way, Vanhoof explores all the potential of multimedia performance, with a precise historical awareness. The result is something new but recognizable, with contrasting evocations of free jazz, Californian tape music and structural film. Every concert becomes a hybrid form of projected images, electronic patchworks and field recordings.

Floris Vanhoof, filmmaker and musician from Antwerp, is one of the most versatile and inventive artists in Belgium. As a musician he has published with Breaking World Records, Taped Sounds, Ultra Eczema. He has made a split with Dolphins Into The Future for the Experimedia label and is currently working on a project for the Kraak Festival in Antwerp.