Saturday 28 and sunday 29 april 7 PM  Palazzo Carbonesi

Antonia Baehr (D)
Beginning with the Abecedarium Bestiarium
salon/performance, italian première

Spazio Carbonesi welcomes the performer and choreographer Antonia Baehr with the project-in-progress Beginning with Abecedarium Bestiarium. If Baehr’s fixation is an attempt to separate expression from its emotional sub-layer, then this new work, which sifts together the sounds, gestures and characters of men and beasts, cannot fail to excite curiosity. This is a study on identitary fluidity, beyond anthropocentrism and nurture/culture duality. 
concept and performance Antonia Baehr
production make up production
with special thanks to Bettina von Arnim, Tocki von Arnim, Angela Anderson, Donna J. Haraway, François Noudelmann and Gertrude Stein.